Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm allergic to YEAST, what the hell am I going to eat

So had my allergy test. 'Normal' people range between 0 - 150, I am 635 so my body is always fighting, sigh.

I'm allergic to mold, dust, peanuts, soy and YEAST.......... Yes yeast, no more bread, donuts, cakes, bagels, OMG what the hell am I suppose to eat.

If you know any great recipes please share. I honestly do not think I can give up my baked goods but hives and swelling of lips is NOT PRETTY.

I need to invest in an Allergy Cookbook, any recommendations would be most appreciated.


  1. I found you b/c I liked your blog title-- at Bluestocking, I think...

    Anyway, I don't know about an "allergy" cookbook, but if you have access to any of the "low-carb" or "South Beach" type cooking or cookbooks that minimize or cut out the baked goods you could be in business again (if I got such depressing news I imagine I'd prefer a more "proactive" label than an avoidance mentality. But that's me)

    You might also look at converting your regular sandwiches/bagels to wraps and pitas, all of which may be made (if not bought) yeast-free (just think of unleavened breads).

    If you want a *fabulous* biscuit recipe to console yourself with, I'll offer my favorite.

    I don't eat carb-free, but it tends to be less-carb since beginning to shift my eating habits to lose weight. Tastes, as they say, really do adapt; but you have to chose new things to like rather than pining over what you've "lost forever."

    And you can be thankful it wasn't corn, gluten or soy you were cut off from-- my friends with those labels have it *really* tough.

  2. Amy, thanks for stopping by and giving me advice and a yummy sounding recipe.

    I am a very optimistic person but I am finding it hard since baked goods and ice cream are my thing :-(

    Wraps will be the new item on my grocery list.

    The positive - I will lose the 5 pounds I really want to get off and I will save money taking lunch to work.

    BTW - I am also in the HR industry.


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