Monday, October 12, 2009

Not my CUP of tea....... Erotica Books

So I think every week I will try to find something that I think could become a 'risky' conversation and see if it is "Your Cup of Tea or NOT"

Watch the video -

Is it your Cup of Tea? Yes or No, please post comments.

Book related on topic - Do you enjoy reading erotica? If yes please recommend a favourite.

Here is mine. The Gift of Shame part of the Book Lace Group.

It was classy and gave me all I could ask for, great sex scenes with suspense and romance. I loved the way the BDSM lifestyle was portrayed, just devine. This is a private library keeper, I will read again. This was my first Black Lace book but I was so excited to read it, have read others and was let down but this one I gave 5 stars.


  1. erotica is definitely too much for my sheltered self! I do like the minor mystery novel with a few love scenes thrown in! But a little goes a long way!

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