Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where do you enjoy Reading the most?

Where do you enjoy reading the most?
On the bed, outside on the balcony, in the living room, on the train, on the bus or maybe you have your book with you all the time so there isn't a one off answer.
For me I love to layoff in the bed, no tv on and fully focus on what i'm reading. My favourite position is on my stomach with bent knees. Something about the bed, its my space, my time and at the end of the day I can read until crazy hours of the night or early morning and just fall asleep when done.
So tell me, where do you enjoy or find yourself reading the most?


  1. I enjoy reading in bed, too. I prop myself up on about 4 pillows (behind my back and neck), have a cup of tea on my nightstand, and I can read for hours (or until I get sleepy!)

  2. What kind of tea do you drink? I have to admit a few times I have allowed the tea to go cold because the book was so good I forgot about it, lol.

  3. In bed is one of my top spots to read, for sure. Especially on a Sunday afternoon, and my husband is with me, and we're all snuggled in.

  4. I like to read in my living room, near my big sunny (preferably open) windows. :-)

  5. I love to read in bed too. In the evening while DH is watching tv in the living room and Madeleine is asleep. Uninterrupted peace. :)


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