Friday, October 23, 2009

Thriller Review - Twisted by Andrea Kane

What a beautiful but edgy thriller. My favourite read so far this year and definitely the best thriller.
Andrea Kane is amazing with her pace, every page keeps you captivated, and every chapter matters, as you read it makes you feel like you are a part of the dangerous and shocking investigation. This was my first by her and I look forward to reading more by A. Kane.
Everything I love about a book was included – great story line, passion from the characters, on the edge of your seat with suspense from the dangerous feeling of what will happen next and I didn’t figure out the killer, I totally had the wrong person.
The Serial Killer speaks throughout the book and just leaves a chilling feeling on you, sick twisted mind, at the end you completely understand how Kane chose “Twisted” as the title.
The main character Sloan, an ex FBI agent is employed as a consultant now and is hired to find a childhood friend. Sloan is surprised by who she has to work with...... Derek, an ex lover , who is a FBI agent that becomes in charge of the investigation. This meeting was the start of the intense dynamics between them, a great romance, not too much to take away from the thriller, their relationship was captivating while they worked in and out of the bedroom.
When all starts to connect you are so excited to be a part of it (really it makes you feel like you are there. GREAT GREAT READ!!!!! Highly recommend.

I can totally see this as a movie, it gave me the same feeling ‘Silence of the Lambs’ gave me when I watched it.

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