Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oct 3 - It's My BIRTHDAY

I am 34 today :-) I just love birthdays - celebrating me. Being appreciative of all the joys, love, health and at times spoiled life I have.

Friday night I went to dinner with 7 of my close girlfriends. We went to Fresco's, my favourite restaurant in Bermuda.

Today I had a hot stone massage and just checked into Newstead, Belmont Hills. Awwww the wonderful relaxation life.

Beautiful view I have outside the window as I look from laying across the bed.

Birthday's, got to love them.


  1. Happy Birthday, Marce! (a day late. :o)

  2. Happy birthday!!! :-) Hope you had a great day and all the best for the year ahead! :-)

  3. Thanks Julia and Marie, it was fantastic.


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