Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Laugh out Flipping Loud - Christmas Read

Ok I have decided to do a little review on each short story as I read it.

These are the chapters

  1. 1. You Better Not Cry
  2. 2. And Two Eyes Made Out of Coal
  3. 3. Claus and Effect
  4. 4. Ask Again Later
  5. 5. Why do You Reward Me Thus?
  6. 6. The Best and Only Everything
  7. 7. Silent Night

You Better Not Cry

Well I cried, I laughed out loud with tears rolling down my face. It was the perfect festive, or not so festive read I needed. When Augusten was young he didn't know the difference between Santa and Jesus he thought they were the same person. I won't go into details to give it away. And......... he licked Santa and then got carried away and ate him, lmao. Example of this humour, my opinion hilarious, omg i'm laughing just thinking about it. His granny called the Elfs, Santa's little people that helped, his response was 'You mean midget slaves?' H I L A R I O U S

This is the same author that wrote Running with Scissors, I may just have to read that now.

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