Saturday, December 12, 2009

Review - Stephen King 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon'

So this was my 1st Stephen King book, not what I expected, I think my brother went for a soft read, I wanted to be scared......
"Trisha, a young girl, goes on a hike with her mom and brother and after being distracted just for a moment, gets lost in the forest. She hikes and climbs trying to find her way out with only the company of her walkman which she uses to tune into broadcasts of the Boston Red Sox and her favorite player Tom Gordon...the only thing that keeps her sane. She comes to the realization after finding mutilated animals and mangled trees that she is being hunted and this fuels her determination to find her way out of the unending woods."
My Review
I loved the character Trisha. 9 years old lost in the woods but she was strong and oh so sarcastic, the book is full of sayings and her inner voice scaring her or at least trying to scare her.
The chapters are creative - following a baseball game. I know nothing of baseball but felt it was just enough for those that love it and not enough to put me off from reading. Trisha is 'in love' major young girl crush on Tom Gordon and that helps her during her frightful, lonely times.
A tease paragraph from the book that gives a taste of style......
It's a special thing, Trisha - the thing that waits for the lost ones. It lets them wander until they're good and scared - because fear makes them taste better; it sweetens the flesh - and then it comes for them. You'll see it. It'll come out of the trees any minute now. A matter of seconds really. And when you see its face you'l go insane. If there was anyone to hear you, they'd think you were screaming. But you'll be laughing, won't you? Because that's what insane people do when their lives are ending, they laugh.... and they laugh... and they laugh.
My main issues with the book is that it didn't meet my expectations being my 1st Stephen King read and not hearing the side of the story from the other characters made me feel cheated.
I haven't decided between 2 1/2 or 3 stars yet.


  1. You started out with a book I haven't heard of... try reading an older Stephen King, like Rose Madder. You will like the older ones best, as he now writes differently.

  2. it's like another version of goosebumps to me.

    I already felt it for the 1st pages.

    I like something that involves a lot of blood...hehehe you might say i am a bit creepy...but that's okay ;)

  3. I read this one a few years ago, and you're right, it's not scary at all. My friend read "It" and said it scared her out of her mind.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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