Sunday, December 19, 2010

Did Not Finish Books for 2010 (add your link)

I decided last year that I will not do reviews on books I am unable to finish but will do a post all together and this year it was 4.

I also made a fairly hard decision.  I will not be reading Steig Larsson series, I tried The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and just couldn't get past 100 hundred pages.  My brother loved it and read all 3 immediately, all the great reviews on the blogosphere but what sealed the deal was my real life friend that reads the same books I do.  She tortured herself and read the 1st one and hated every moment of it, yup not doing it.

THE HUSBAND by Dean Koontz

I chose this for the Book Bloggers Recommendation Challenge, which I was not successful in completing.

This felt a little like this happened, then this happened, now this, then this, just a boring not well executed story.

The Splendor Falls  by  Rosemary Clement-Moore

I chose after reading a review from a popular YA blogger.

Way to much detail for my liking and I really tried with this one but just couldn't torture myself anymore.

The Pleasure Was Mine  by Tommy Hays

I was intrigued after reading a review from a blogger who I don't think is blogging anymore.

The writing was not good, I was unable to complete it due to the writing.  I am very interested in Alzheimer's but just couldn't get into this one, something was missing.

This one is Mine by Maria Semple

I feel a little bad about this one as it was for review.  I kept saying I will try again and get through it, I just couldn't.

Should I give this one away as a giveaway and ask the blogger to review?

So there you go, that is my list.  I am most surprised by Dean Koontz, I do enjoy his works so not to be able to finish one is odd to me, I think it is because I expect better from him.

Would you like to join, add your link.

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    1. Oh WOW, I love this idea!!! I will have to make up a post and link it!!

    2. Only two for me this year, Marce. Unless by Carol Shields and Laura Rider's Masterpiece by Jane Hamilton....

    3. Aw dang, I absolutely LOVED This One is Mine. It is quite different though.

    4. Ok so I have not read the Larsson books, but I did look in them and tried to start reading the first one, but nothing drew me in at all so decided not to.

    5. I am definitly bookmarking this so i can do this!

    6. That's not too many. I haven't read any of them so I have nothing to go from but I agree with The Girl with a Dragon tattoo. Though I'm told to get beyond the first 150 pages, i am having a hard time getting into it.

    7. Michelle, I don't know about the 150 page mark - I made it to 186 and still gave up on it.

    8. I like this idea! Although I have more review books just never started as opposed to started and not finished. I like the idea of offering them to another blogger to review. I may do that- thanks for the idea!

    9. If you can believe it, I didn't have any this year!!! I finished every book I picked up. Though, I no longer let it bother me if I don't like a book and can't get through it. To many others out there. One baddie for me, Wicked, I just couldn't finish it.

      Tomes Devotee

    10. That's only a few. I never stop/didnt finish a book. because i have this habit of not to stop even though you dont like it. it's quite sad, really. ohh, it's a let down you dont like Stieg Larsson because I plan to read his soon. maybe i also have to skip?

    11. Just four in one year is not bad at all.

    12. I think I had around 3 or 4 that I didn't finish too, not bad overall though, I think. I haven't read, or attempted, any of these. haha! I have not read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yet but plan to early next year. Husband thought it was ok but also thought I would like it.

    13. I thought the Husbnd was ok and I really liked This One is Mine, but not every book is for everyone. I'm not sure if I;m going to try the Stieg series or not.


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