Thursday, December 9, 2010

How should I organise my 2011 Reviews?

I have pretty much decide what Challenges I am going to participate in so now I am preparing and organising. 

2011 Reviews

I think this is an important feature on blogs, I know it is a fast way for me to decide if I will follow or not when I find a new blog.

I wanted to know from you how you prefer to see reviews organised, please participate in my poll on sidebar.

  • Ratings
  • Authors Name - First, eg. Mary Higgins Clark
  • Authors Name - Last, eg. Clark, Mary Higgins
  • Title
  • Monthly Reading order

I appreciate your help.


  1. I like them organized according to rating, but we all know that book preference is relative so going with the author's name - last name is better.

    I just received your 10 percent coupon! Thank you so much!

  2. According to rating is a great idea! That's my vote!

  3. I have mine listed by author's last name on one page and then by title on another. Also, since I read a lot of series books, I have one page dedicated to series....

  4. Great question, and one I have not found an answer to, but my first thoughts says to go with author's last name.

  5. I voted for last name, first name, because it's easier to scan down the list and see who you've read the most and also easier to find specific reviews than by rating.

  6. I usually check anyone's review page when they mention a book/author they once reviewed and I want to check it out. Listing by author last name helps me find that book. But I do think listing by rating is a good idea too. You can also try this. Tag all reviews by their rating. And put the links to the tags on your homepage. Of course that means readers will see posts and not links to posts. Hmm. It's tricky, lol.


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