Monday, December 27, 2010

Review - Drawn in Blood by Andrea Kane

New York Times bestselling author Andrea Kane returns with an amazing new FBI thriller, one that takes us into the high-profile—and high stakes—world of art crime. There, nothing is as it seems: friends become traitors, lovers become strangers . . . and the battle lines are Drawn in Blood.

My Review - 4 Great to the last Drop

I read Twisted last year before blogging and it was on my favourite 2009 list.  Drawn in Blood was the follow up to Twisted, a great way to end my year of reading.

I enjoy the main characters Sloan and Derek.  In this one we follow the struggles of them balancing their relationship and busy career work life.  I find them to be exciting, genuine and real, how I imagine FBI agents to be.  Sloan has to protect her father, his friends and decide how much to share with the man she loves, Derek.

Following this investigation was exciting, so many characters, friends, family involved in the storyline.  Drawn in Blood is a a great fitting title.  The saying 'blood is thicker than water' is taken to the ultimate and at times everyone is a suspect.

The Asian crime world was a thrilling ride.  High powered affluent art lovers vs the rich art dealers vs the cruel art thieves, all made such an interesting read.

Andrea Kane is an author I will definitely read more by, hopefully more about Sloan and Derek.  I love the relationship intertwined with the action paced crimes they have to solve.  I don't think romance is the place for many thriller books AndreaK has executed it perfectly in my opinion.  Great characters, action and the excitement of sitting on the edge of your sit to see how it all ends.

I look forward to reading more from Andrea Kane.

Here is my review of Twisted.  Both can be stand alone reads.


  1. I've never heard of this author. I am going to check her out on Goodreads. Thanks for sharing, Marce....

  2. Not heard of the author or the book. I also need to check this out. Thank you for the review.

  3. I hope I finally get to read more thrillers next year. Hope you had a nice holiday and have a happy new year.

  4. Wasn't this a great read ? I enjoyed both Twisted and this one, although I loved Twisted more.


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