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Please accept my apology - Review of I am not a Serial Killer trilogy



This is my first time during blogging that I have felt guilty about reviews I have posted and would like to apologise.  One of things I love about blogging is getting recommendations and making them for books fellow bloggers.  Adding to the Wishlist and TBR list from trusted bloggers is exciting.

Most of you know I LOVED this trilogy and read all 3 this year.  You can see my reviews below.

Well, 2 of my blogging friends have read I am Not a Serial Killer and didn't enjoy it, one wanted to throw the book across the room, eek.

Why is the question.


I do think you should read this if considering reading the trilogy. 

John, the character who I said I love, lol, is a genuine boy that is trying not to become a serial killer.  The serial killers he is haunting down are demonic, monsters inside of humans, a huge paranormal element. (This is what others hated)

John does not know this at first and so it is a surprise when revealed.  This did not add or take away from my love of the book but now I realise it is huge, so I wanted to say..... Friends, please accept my apology for recommending so highly a book that completely is not your cup of tea.  I hope you will continue to take recommendations from me.

My reason for not revealing is that I thought it was a huge spoiler of the book but now see it is a make it or break it for others.

For those that considered reading this I hope this helps with your decision.  I still of course loved it and highly recommend it but will add this caution to my reviews.

I know we all have different opinions, which I love and appreciate but I really felt like I let others down this time.

Please accept my sincere apology. 

My Reviews of the trilogy

I am Not a Serial Killer by Dan Wells 

Mr. Monster by Dan Wells

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  1. Ooo yah I could see that being a deal breaker for me too. But I feel ya. It's hard to share and not share too much sometimes.

  2. Don't be sorry, because it is just like you said: Everyone has a different opinion.

  3. I won't read a book if I know it has demonic, ghost, paranormal, witches, wizards, vampires, werewolves, etc. content. I hate those kind of books. The last book I read of Nicholas Sparks, the ghost wasn't revealed until the last chapter, and it ruined the whole book for me. If I had known ahead of time I would not have read the book. I was very discussed to say the least. I told everyone I knew not to read it, because I hated that book so much.

    So I don't think it's so much that you need to apologise, however the next time, just say there is some demonic, paranormal, ghost content so they can make the choice to read it or not themselves.

  4. I think we all feel that way at times - it's disappointing when you love and recommend a book and the response is negative but I don't think you need to apologise - it happens. I haven't read these yet but, strangely enough, what you've added has increased their appeal for me.

  5. Juju - I am happy to also find out a major deal breaker for my followers though, now I know I can give a spoiler with just a caution.

    Nina - thanks, that harsh of a reaction and difference I don't want to be a deal breaker on not following or taking my recommendation. The bloggers didn't say this, my comment.

    Gigi- I would have said you didn't mind ghosts actually, good to know.....

    Cat - You must read, I definitely think you will enjoy it. Glad the extra tidbit increases your appeal.

  6. No need to apologize at all! Usually I don't like spoilers (unless I specifically am looking for them, like I don't want to finish the book but want to know what happens :) For the most part, thinking back of some of the books I'd read, I am glad I didn't know ahead of time that it involves ghosts or whatever because it was a twist/spoiler. But I don't know why for this one the paranormal part just didn't work for me. Maybe John's character was so realistic that the paranormal part just seemed too jarring. Almost seemed like a cop out or something. I don't regret reading it, but wish it was better explained how that character became of a monster, instead of "just is".

  7. That is the hardest thing about can be incredibly difficult to know what to say and what not to say. If I were you, I probably wouldn't have given that paranormal aspect away either. If the synopsis doesn't allude to it, then I'd say it's spoilery too and wouldn't want to ruin the reveal for anyone else.

    But I guess in this situation, going into a book and not realizing it would have a paranormal aspect, could really throw the reader, as it did for those two who read it after you. Live and learn though, right?

  8. Don't be sorry. It isn't your fault. I think one of the trickiest things about blogging, is knowing what to recommend to each person. Each person visits a blog for a different reason. It is hard shaping a review to cater to everyone. At the same time, revealing a particular aspect of a book could be a heavy spoiler and you wouldn't want to share that. It's totally alright. I know I would be disappointed if someone didn't like a book I suggested, but at the same time, I try to look at it from the other side - why they didn't like, and most times, I get a surprise-eyebrow-raise moment, because I probably never thought the point they raised could be considered bothersome.

  9. This is a hard one. I think I would have been more disgusted with the spoiler. I hate spoilers with a passion. I think there are ways that you can do it without writing spoilers. I wouldn't feel bad though. It happens. Everyone is different.

  10. I love the John Cleaver series. I admit I was surprised by the twist in the first book, but it was so darn good that I was more than happy to continue with the series, in fact John is quickly becoming one of my favorite literary characters(although no one will ever entirely replace Odd Thomas in my heart). But some books are not for everyone.

  11. You definitely do NOT need to apologize. You enjoyed the books and told your readers that you enjoyed them - there is nothing wrong with that! It's not your job as a reviewer to anticipate every issue a reader may have with a book and include that in your review - in this case not revealing a major spoiler is considerate. I don't think you have anything to be sorry about - it's up to each reader to do the research on books if they have an issue with a particular kind of story.

  12. I really appreciate all the feedback, it has helped me for sure. I did think that I did something wrong. I went back to the review that took the recommendation from and they did discuss it.

    Most cases I live by we are all different with opinions, which I love but somehow this felt totally different.

    I will have to figure out why.

    Thanks again, seems like I could have pissed off more with the spoiler.

  13. Oh, it's not your fault. I just hate that it isn't even HINTED at on the book jacket. It just seems like horrible false marketing on their part. I hated this, but I get that some people could really get into it. Either way, there is no reason for you to apologize!

  14. I hate those kind of books. The last book I read of Nicholas Sparks, the ghost wasn't revealed until the last chapter, and it ruined the whole book for me.


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