Monday, October 10, 2011

Update - I Want More Challenge 2011

I have enjoyed hosting this Challenge, a true challenge for myself also.  There are 28 participants and 38 reviews so far.

I will host again for 2012, that post will go up late Nov or early Dec.

Post your reviews here

Here is a summary of details:

Have you read a book and at the end said you must read another by this author but haven't? Then this Challenge is for you. There are so many amazing authors but sometimes we get caught up in reading all the new we forget about the authors that have already impressed, excited us, gave us what all readers want, a great read, that wow moment, so this Challenge is to show all the authors that have pleased us already how thankful we are by reading more of their literary works.  Note - part of a series is not eligible, that is the true challenge.


Zoe from In The Next Room - She has been amazing at this Challenge.  Zoe, I will send you a book of your choice from Book Depository up to $15. 

Thanks for supporting my Challenge.

What has been your favourite read for this Challenge so far?  Link that review here.


  1. I have read more from Sam Hayes, Linwood Barclay, Lisa Genova and Pamela Samuels Young. I'm currently reading another from Joe Hill and I really want to get to Anita Shreve and Lolly Winston before end of year.

    I didn't realise it would be so hard to find stand alone's, my goodness.

  2. I have no idea how this challenge works, but I also liked Night Road, by Kristin Hannah. I just read "True Colors" by her and liked it also. One of my favorite new authors I found the end of 2010, was Jodi Thomas. I read quite a few of her books this year.

  3. I wound up reading just one more by Jennifer Cruz, and it was good, a bit of a thriller, Maybe This Time.

    Wanted to let you know about a kindle book lending site, not sure if you've heard of it -

    Check it out, has lots of books.


  4. aww yay! I am so excited :D so many potential book choices, the book depo is the best! Also I am definitely joining the challenge again, I loved it, I have more reviews coming too. there are so many authors you mean to pick up another book by and it is a great opportunity, I'm really glad you stopped by to point it out to me in the first place :)

  5. I am not doing any challenges this year... but I ended up reading all 3 Sarah Addison Allen's books this year! So far, other "non-new" fiction author I read this year were Lisa Genova, Gayle Forman, Carolyn Turgeon, Tess Gerritsen, Heather Gudenkauf which actually aren't that many since I'd read 55 fiction so far (excluding those I abandoned). I guess I do like reading new authors quite a lot!

  6. I realize that I signed up for this and haven't been linking any reviews. Oops, I'll have to fix that very soon!

  7. you want a extra challenge with books? do you tried reading the famous "Don Quixote"? if you can read this book, you will be my hero, because I can't reach even the half of this book, is so bored, the plot is always the same, I don't understand why people call it "the most great master piece of the literature".


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