Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Completed my favourite Challenge A-Z Mystery Authors


This was my favourite challenge this year from Michelle's blog red headed book child.  All new to me authors in my favourite genre.  I chose the A-I level and next year will go for the J-P level.

And best of all every book was good, so all great authors, in my opinion.  My favourite would be Harry Dolan.  I look forward to reading more by all of the authors. (With * I already have another book)  

  • A - DM Annechino *

  • B - Robert Bloch

  • C - Agatha Christie

  • D - Harry Dolan *

  • E - J.T. Ellison *

  • F - Nicci French

  • G - Tess Gerritsen

  • H - Steve Hamilton

  • I - Greg Iles

  • And I haven't seen the Challenge up for next year but here are the authors I have chose already.

  • J - Iris Johanson

  • K - Douglas Kennedy or Lars Kepler

  • L - Jeff Lindsey or Simon Lelic

  • M - Val McDermid

  • N - Barbara Nodel

  • O - Karen Olsen

  • P- Michelle Paver


    1. Congrats on finishing this! I love being able to check a challenge off as complete :)

    2. As I adore mysteries, this sounds like a such a fun challenge!

    3. Congrats! For P next year, you could read PD James. Or for J. I want to read her newest book called Death Comes to Pemberley.

    4. I am so proud of you for finishing it!!! I will post the next year's challenge some time next week.

    5. Congrats, Marce! I failed at this one. If it's posted again for 2012, I'll give it another try.

    6. I'm a new Karen Olson fan and an old Greg Iles fan :)


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