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I Want More Challenge 2012 (2nd Year)

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I Want More Book Challenge 2012:

There are so many amazing authors but sometimes we get caught up in reading all the debut authors we forget about the authors that have already impressed us, excited us, gave us what all readers want, a great read, that wow moment, so this Challenge is to show all the authors that have pleased us already how thankful we are by reading more of their literary works.

Have you read 1book by an author and at the end said you must read more? Then this Challenge is for you.


* Challenge Dates: January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

* All Genres are Welcome

* This challenge does NOT include Series, only stand alone

* See Levels below, you can change at any time if increasing, you cannot decrease once signed up.

* All forms of books will count - eBooks, Audiobooks, etc

* You do not have to list the chosen books ahead of time and your choices can crossover into other challenges you have joined. In your post or comments here, give us an idea of what authors impressed you so now You Want More.

* If you participate in this challenge please signup below. Either post and link back here with your direct link to your intro challenge post or put Challenge Button on sidebar linking back here please.

* A Surprise Giveaway during the year (only for those that have reviews posted)

Level of Participation

Waited too long: 2 - 4 books

Give me more: 5 - 8 books

Never too much: 9 - 12 books

Thanks for joining, link up here


  1. My choice of authors are:

    Harry Dolan
    Anita Shreve
    Agatha Christie
    Nicci French
    Marcus Sakey
    DM Annenchino

  2. Thank you for hosting. I'm in. Only read 1 book last year so going to try again. I put my link for the new site as of 01/01. Here is the link as of today:

  3. I haven't chosen authors yet, but I know there are some books I just loved, but haven't read anything else by the author. I was already thinking of trying to seek out some of those this year, so your challenge is perfect!

  4. Oops! Just realized my first link had the wrong URL with it--can that be taken down? Silly mix-up with CTRL-C and CTRL-V...sorry about that!

  5. Thanks for hosting what sounds like a fun challenge. This is my first year to join this challenge. My choice of authors are:

    Isabel Wolff
    Michael Connelly
    Kate Jacobs
    Susan Wiggs
    Mariah Stewart
    Nancy Bush

  6. Looking forward to the challenge. 2012 might just be the year I finally read The Kite Runner. Thanks for hosting! :-)

  7. Is there a deadline for signing up? This is one I am thinking about. Thanks for hosting.

  8. Another Q - Is this limited to reading only a second book by the author or does it apply to third, fourth etc stand alone books? Thanks!

  9. This is my first year joining this challenge. The basic idea is great, if we loved a book why not read another by the author? I'm signing up at the lowest level to start, may increase if I get to all the books. Authors I plan to read again:
    Jimmy Buffett
    Whitney Otto
    Marlys Millhiser
    Colm Toibin
    Emilie Richards

  10. Thanks for joining everyone.

    I usually keep Challenges open to join until first quarter of year.

    The Challenge is to read 1 more book by an author you have only read once so if you have read 3 stand alones the 4th will not count.

    Hope that helps, thanks for interest.

  11. I posted my "Reading Challenges Wrap-up" post today.


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