Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Favourites of 2011

Welcome to Tea Time with Marce

Happy New Year

Enjoyed the series but loved this one.  A Steamy, exquisite story with a mysterious edge.

LOVED THE TRILOGY - Highly recommend

Night Road by Kristin Hannah 

Emotional Parenting read, have the Kleenex ready

Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan 

Currently Reading

Intricate, Engaging, Captivating Mystery

The Restorer by Amanda Stevens 

Currently Reading

Great creepy mystery

Come Back to Me by Melissa Foster 

Powerful, heartbreaking, engaging


Beautiful classic, magical

The Human Obsession by Heath Sommer 5 Sept

Perfect execution, the close to a Psychological Thriller Trilogy

We Need to Talk about Kevin 4 Dec

Best discussion, wow book - Brutal, Intense, Shocking, Emotional


A horrifying classic, greatness

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Journey 4 March

Important for Stroke survivors families

I thought the Appendix - Forty Things I Needed the Most - was so important

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  1. Night Road was a goodie, for sure. Any Kristin Hannah book should come with a box of tissues. She can write from the heart.

  2. Wow, love all the creepy-looking mysteries! The I Am Not a Serial Killer series looks especially cool. Awesome list ;)

  3. Marce: Happy New Year!! Had to come by to let you know that I finished Come Bact To Me last night. WOW!! You were right!! Definitely one of my favorites of 2011 too.

  4. Happy New Year! I love your list of favs. I am adding a few of those to my list, especially the Amanda Stevens books.

    BTW, my challenge post is up now!

  5. You just made my wish list longer - I haven't read any of those.

  6. What a great list! I really need to read We Need to Talk about Kevin soon. The same goes for My Stroke of Insight. Happy New Year!

  7. Almost all of those are on my TBR list, except for Kevin which I already read.

  8. I've read a few of these and heard great things about some of the others. I've added a few to my TBR List!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012 filled with 5 star reads!

  9. Looks like you had a great reading year! They are quite a variety! :)

  10. I've read 2 of your top ten books. The others look like riveting thrillers and worth while exploring. Happy 2012!

  11. You had a great year in books Marce. I'm sure 2012 will be just as good.


  12. What a cool array/set.

    Happy New Year my sweet friend.

  13. Great list, Marce! I really want to read We Need to Talk about Kevin! I have a few others shortlisted!

  14. Ooh, the only one I've read is The Secret Garden, but there are several others I've had on my list for a while. Maybe I'll read them this year. I need to check out several of the others.

    Happy 2012. I hope you find many more wonderful books this year!

  15. Wow, how did a sweet book like The Secret Garden sneak in there amongst those other, seemingly darker, reads!? :-)

    That's the only one that I've read, although several of the others sound interesting.

    Happy reading in 2012!


  16. I must read Restorer! I just love that cover.

    And hooray for "Psycho!" I just clicked over to your review and commented on it, I'm so sorry I missed it over the summer. And I'm ecstatic that you picked it up after reading my review, woohoo! I just loved that book. So freaky!

    Have a great 2012, Marce! Another year of reading and blogging with you will be fun!

  17. I LOVED the Restorer too. I have been waiting for the follow-up :) I am counting down the days

  18. Night Road is an excellent story but not as good as some of her others, most notably Winter Garden and Firefly Lane. I felt the story was a little slow at times and, after reading so many rave reviews, felt a little disappointed in the end. It was a nice ending but it did not go out with a bang. Good character development and an interesting story though - definitely a good read.

  19. Come Back To Me is the story of Tess and her husband Beau. Beau is a renowned photographer that gets an assignment in Iraq while his wife Tess stays home and discovers she is pregnant with their first child. Beau is in a helicopter accident and everyone thinks he is dead - everyone except for Tess who knows in her heart that Beau is alive and will not give up the hope despite everyone telling her that she should get on with her life and move on. Tess struggles to accept this and refuses to even hold a memorial service for Beau. After some time where she finds herself at a loss as how to continue living without Beau, Tess begins dating again and tries to rebuild her life with the help of her secretary and best friend.
    This is a book about love and the power of love, it is a book about loyalties and friendships, it is a book about trust and loyalty, it is a book about misguided perceptions and the decisions we must make to be able to survive and, ultimately, to accept and believe. You want to read Come Back To Me because it is a book that will haunt you and make you examine your perceptions about love and loyalty and acceptance.


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