Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Finds - Thriller and Children's Book

Will Marion has two perfect kidneys.His daughters aren't so lucky. Question is: which one should he save? Will's 47. His wife bailed out when the twins were in nappies and hasn't been seen since. He coped OK by himself at first, giving Georgie and Kay all the love he could, working in a boring admin job to support them. Just after the twins turn sixteen, Georgie suffers kidney failure and is placed on dialysis. Her type is rare, and Will immediately offers to donate an organ. Without a transplant, she would probably never see adulthood. So far so good. But then Kay gets sick. She's also sixteen. Just as precious. Her kidney type just as rare. Time is critical, and he has to make a decision. Should be buy a kidney - be an organ tourist? Should be save one child? If so, which one? Should be sacrifice himself?Or is there a fourth solution - one so terrible it has never even crossed his mind?

The illustrations in this book are absolutely stunning.  My 4 year old daughter asked to hear the song also, she loves it.  I had an awe moment when reading this for the first time.

Highly recommend


  1. The Donor sounds intense! I might have to pick that one up. The Bob Marley book looks great, too .... I love kids books that are so well put-together!

  2. The Donor sounds heartbreaking!

  3. The Donor does sound intense.

    I love the cover and the message of One Love.

  4. Wow! The Donor sounds very Piccoult in its thought provoking and heart string tugging subject.

    Just started my first book for the challenge : )


  5. I was also going to say The Donor sounds Piccoult! Have to check it out.

  6. One Love is on Gage's book list!

  7. That sounds very intriguing! I would hate to be in a situation where you have to choose between two people. If you get to read this book - I will look forward to your thoughts.

  8. Omg. I must get The Donor right now. It sounds SOOOO good. I will try to buy it after Christmas for sure! Thanks for pointing it out! :D


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