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Discussion/Venting Time for Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

Welcome to Tea Time with Marce, thank you for joining us during the discussion of the Graphic Thriller, Still Missing.  I will keep the discussion open from Sept 23 to Oct 22.

I love when bloggers are honest but please try to be respectful to each other if you disagree.  This community is great because we all have a voice and opinions but remember it is our 'opinions'.  Ms. Steven's if you read this make sure you embrace the positives because there are a ton of bloggers that loved your book.  I didn't enjoy it but you got me discussing it....

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If you read Still Missing but didn't write a review, I will link you here as we go.

 Full Discussion

Discussion Points - You can pick and choose what you want to post or comment about.  This is to get you started.

  1. What did you enjoy the most about the book?
  2. Choose one word to describe the story?
  3. Did you find the story believable?
  4. What did you find unbelievable, if anything?
  5. Did the cursing offend you or did you feel it was appropriate in all spots?
  6. Share with us your favourite quote.
  7. What were your thoughts on the mother/daughter relationship before the ending?
  8. Who did you think was involved before it was told to us?
  9. How did the detail of how The Freak affect you, was it disturbing, difficult to read etc?
  10. Do you think Chevy Stevens was effective in her method of having this story a one sided narration?
  11. What is your opinion on the cop/victim relationship?
  12. Was “The Freak” believable?
  13. What was your reaction when Annie talked about The Freak's book addiction?
  14. What do you think would have drove you crazy being locked up like that?  The control, baths, pee breaks, cooking, cleaning, etc
  15. Are you a mom - how did the pregnancy and baby storyline affect you?
  16. What did you think of her name Hope?
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My VENT.......

Unbelievable, sigh.  First let me say I went to 3 different book stores and sent a friend that went to 2 and they were all sold out which of course added to my had to get it.  Seriously, I couldn't wait any longer I just downloaded on my Kindle.  Why didn't I do this first you ask, hmmm, because the amazing books I want to share, (rolling my eyes) I have to laugh because I wouldn't have shared this one, I would have gave it to my library.

Ok onto venting.

As soon as Annie was able to get her hands on the axe I thought oh joy, is this like the stupid horror films that you laugh at instead of being scared about.  Really, The Freak was so controlling, paranoid and careful, there is no way he would make a mistake that led to her not only gripping it but killing him too, (big sigh)

My next huge issue was she walks into the dang police station that dealt with her case and they treat her like a suspect and don't call the main guy until she ask for him, complete bollocks, like what the hell is that, (big sigh)

Family are always suspects, how did the cops not have any clue a whole year? (big sigh)

What did I enjoy about the book? The details of how he tortured her made it real for me, that is what makes a book great to me, the emotion you feel from the details, I loved the graphic gruesome physco actions by The Freak, it totally made me want to know more about him and feel engaged in the story.  Chevy Stevens made me want to know and understand The Freak.  Everything with him choosing books, letting Annie read the books and being so careful with them, I was like ohhhhh the Freak is a little normal, lol, NOT, just another part of his controlling side.  I also enjoyed the book in sessions but would have preferred to hear the voice of the therapist.

When I read a mystery, I always try to figure it out so I did think the step dad was the one fully involved but I still didn't have it completely right, you know with the complete unbelievable BS.  And the 2nd unsuccessful kidnapping, I am suppose to believe anyone in the world not on drugs would try that and it is their step daughter, seriously!!!

What would have drove me crazy, so many things but I really think eating with him would have messed with my mind, cooking and then looking at him without being sick everytime. I'm not sure if I could train myself with the pee breaks but drinking toilet water, ummm yup think I would have been trained fast too.

I am a mom friends, so the whole pregnancy, home delivery, the baby dying part tore me apart, I did shed a tear.  Now that was some good emotional writing.  How do you come back from that, seriously that is the only reason why I can almost believe killing him with the axe, because that emotion i'm sure can take over a person.  'Oh sure I will have another child with you'  omg FREAK!!!! lol

Ok, let me end my venting opinion with this, the name Hope just was beautiful and a great way to end the story, so glad Chevy Stevens shared that.

A favourite quote - I thought I'd worked past my childhood, past my family, past my pain, but when you've rolled around in manure long enough, there's no getting away from the stench.  You can buy every damn type of soap out there and scrub your skin until you're raw, but then one day you're out walking around and a fly lands on you.  Then another one, then another - because they know.  The know that underneath that fresh -scrubbed skin you're just manure.  Nothing but shit.  You can clean it up all you want, but the flies always know where to land.

I look forward to reading your comments and post if you join.


  1. This book was pretty emotional for me too. I "enjoyed" it up until the ending. The part with the baby dying made me sick. He made me sick. So her writing worked!
    It's not your typical thriller. This one has to come with some cautions before recommending it to mystery fans.

    I reviewed it but I don't know how to link it here.

  2. I linked you Michelle, thanks for commenting.

    I didn't have an issue with her writing, it was the creative thinking being overdone that I had an issue with :-)

  3. Great quote! I have this book in my TBR pile, but haven't come near to starting it yet. I really enjoyed your post and it sounds like a bit of a twisty-turvy read. I will let you know my thoughts whenever I get to reading it, lol. Excellent points brought up!

  4. LOVED your vent and your links to other reviews.

  5. Hi Marce.... I don't use ratings but if I did this book would be a 3 which means a lot of "I liked this but.....not this"

    I enjoyed the author's ability to connect with the reader emotionally which she does well throughout the first half - Annie's feelings crackle off the pages in the first few pages and of course the baby episode is heartbreaking......but

    From the beginning I question - How much of the suspense will be lost because I know Annie survived? For me a lot - The Freak's actions ( and I've read far worse)lose their full horror potential.

    Why is the pyschiatrist forbidden to speak? Seems like an easy way of avoiding writing about what you know nothing about.

    I read that Chevy Stevens worked as a realtor and used to spend the time waiting alone in strange houses to imagine horrific scenarios. Annie is obviously the result of that and I do think she is a reasonably well developed character - the only one.

    Overall the first half was ok and my big 'don't like' is the second part.It felt like the author had Annie escape and then wondered "What do I do now"........and wrote a script for a bad soap opera. I skimmed much of it . Big overkill!

  6. I saw this book reviewed on so many blogs and decided I had to read it. I love books with a twist that you don't see coming! This one didn't disappoint:-)I'd like to suggest another book that is similar- Room by Emma Donoghue. It's told from a 5 year olds perspective whose mother was kidnapped and raped, resulting in the child's birth. I've read good reviews about this one.

  7. I totally couldn't buy the axe part either. How did the FREAK slip up? I never agreed with the ending either. Not that it's not possible, but it was never properly set up. Like it HAD to be a surprise. I like surprise endings, but only when the surprise is genuine and not unbelievable. I've been reading a lot of suspense books that I can pretty much solve most of the mysteries. All the hints were pointing at others, and suddenly we are told it's the mom. Ok, we don't need the hints all the time, but then it stops becoming a mystery thriller and more of a news report where you just read the mystery one day and read who the killer is, the next day.

    Other than that, I loved the suspense and the way the story was told. I didn't like all that swearing, but I accepted that it went well with her character.


    i loved the book, but i can see your points. i hated the way the police treated her and i just can't see the happening in real life.

    Excellent review. its always nice to read others opinons.

  9. Marce - I read this book and would also give it a 3/5 stars. It was good but not great. I listened to it which might have bring a different experience.

    Here's my link and answers to a few of the questions:

    Did you find the story believable? I was captivated and nervous while Annie was missing. The author did a good job makeing me feel uncomfortable and wanting to know what would happen. We read stories more often about people kept captive and I could see this happening... I wouldn't want to be a realtor after reading this book.

    What did you find unbelievable, if anything? To be honest... I didn't love the book after she was free, the story started to fall apart for me. Maybe I just don't want to believe a Mother would do something so horrible. I did like how angry Annie was throughout the book.

    What is your opinion on the cop/victim relationship? I didn't buy into this relationship - I don't think this relationship could happen in real life (wouldn't it break some rules)? If I'm really honest... she is so damaged emotionally and physically that I don't understand how this would happen and so quickly after release.

    Was “The Freak” believable? For the most part, yes. I believed him as a character

  10. I really enjoyed this one as you know, but I can understand why you thought it was unbelievable. I was completely caught up in it, though, so I wasn't really thinking while reading, just experiencing!


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