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The Godmother by Carrie Adams on Kindle

Book Summary from Amazon

While 30-something Londoner Tessa King questions her no-strings-attached lifestyle, she also witnesses her friends' difficulties in marriage and parenthood while playing godmother to their broods. Nick and Francesca battle to keep their sullen teenager out of serious trouble; Billy, a single mom, can't break ties to her now remarried ex-; Helen and Neil, fairy tale parents to twin boys, are hiding something; successful Claudia and Al struggle to conceive; and Ben and Sasha have no plans to have children. But Ben also happens to be Tessa's best friend, and perhaps the love of her life. When tragedy eventually strikes the group, bonds are tested, and Tessa is forced to re-examine what she thinks will really make her happy.

My Review - 4 Great to the Last Drop

This is a really great friendship story.  Tessa completely lived through her friends and godchildren at a level that was almost inappropriate only because she was clueless that she didn't have a hold of her own responsibilities.  The great thing is that all of her friends knew her to a T and because she was such an amazing friend it balanced out everything else. 

I think this book will affect women that are moms and women that haven't decided if they want to be a mom.  Some very real issues in this book and it makes you wonder how often people pretend, so much so that they forget what is reality or fantasy.  And the saying always a bridesmaid never the bride, lol, well this book is always the godmother never the mother, sweet but scary thought when you meet Tessa.  I loved that this book not only had female friendships, but males friendship and couples as friends also, you got a feel for the true circle of friends. I felt like I could be a part of this circle, that added to the enjoyment of it also. And the children, all adorable, even the teenager.

This book was long though, it had so much in it but everything made sense it just was to long.  It never lost my attention mind you but it does stand out to me that I thought it was to long.  There is a sequel to this one and I love the characters, so defintiely will continue with this story.

This was a fun, light but dark story, a serious spin to chick lit.  If you enjoyed  Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah you will enjoy this.

I read this one for the Authors by the Alphabet Bookclub and look forward to chatting about it with blogging friends, here are their reviews. 

Paula, the host of the bookclub

Julie at Reading without Restraint

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  1. Nice review, Marce! I thought it was a 3 1/2--like you, I thought the story ended up being a bit long....

  2. I haven't read it but the story sounds interesting enough. Thank you for the review.

  3. Since I love to read about woman and friendship, I think this one is a good read for next time. Great review Marce.

  4. I love friendship stories and I think that cover is fabulous, so I'm really glad to see this is good!

  5. I had this at one point, started it, put it down and then swapped it away. I guess I didn't really get into it!

  6. I've always adored this cover.
    Truly anything with a mason jar grabs my attention :)

  7. sounds cute :) at first i thought you were talking about another book with the same title and i was confused! oh well, that's what i get for reading blog posts at 6am before caffeine.

  8. What a fun sounding read - thanks for the review!


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