Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post your Reviews Here - The Queen of Suspense Challenge

Welcome to Tea Time with Marce

If you would like to signup for this challenge please go here for details.....

Level of Participation

2 Books - New to Mary Higgins Clark

3 Books - Reacquainting myself with Mary Higgins Clark

6 Books - Rating my Love for Mary Higgins Clark

If you have read her new one already (The Shadow of Your Smile), I will allow this to be included towards the total 6 for this category only)

Please include the link directly to your review, title the Linky with the title of the book and what # it is for you, eg - The Shadow of Your Smile 1/6 or The Shadow of Your Smile 3/3
I look forward to all the reviews.


  1. Fun! I use to love her! :D I should try some of her latest work.

  2. The Shadow of Your Smile Reviews

    4 stars - Me (Tea Time with Marce)

    "What an absolute treat"(The Books Whisperer)

  3. Daddy's Little Girls Reviews

    "I really enjoyed this – as I do all her books – but it just wasn’t one of my favourites" - (The Book Whisperer)

  4. Where Are You Now Reviews

    3 stars - Reading without Restraint

  5. Moonlight becomes You Reviews

    3 stars - Books from the Addict


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