Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review - My Formerly Hot Life by Stephanie Dolgoff - Kindle

Jenny McCarthy's Review from Amazon

I love Jenny McCarthy's books, author of Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs, so when I saw her review I knew I had to add it to my Wishlist.

"If you’ve ever hiked up your boobs just to remind yourself how they used to look, secretly hoped the wino on the corner would whistle at you like he used to, or recently realized that they are now making elevator music out of your favorite ‘classic’ tunes, you will love this book. It’s pee-in-your-pants funny and it’s all too true!"

My Review

I'm starting this review with a huge SIGH....... 

I am so disappointed, I really thought this one would have me in tears, laughing because I could relate.  This book just was not executed well at all.  I went into this thinking I would buy it for a few friends and now I won't even recommend it to anyone.

I had a few laughs in the beginning then I actually got tired of the word 'Formerly', OK already, we get the dang point but every flipping page has Formerly, it became repetitive and boring  instead of funny.

StephanieD talked about clothes in so many different ways and in different chapters, it just didn't flow.

At one point she even writes 'Bear with me here.  If you do, you will be rewarded with an excellent excuse to go out and buy more shoes you don't need and not feel bad about it.."  Well I did bear it and I'm still waiting.

It was a little to much of a bitch and moan story but she clearly says she considers herself hot, just not in the same way as back in the day.

This was my highlight of the book - when she talked about jeans.  Remember when jeans were Lee or Wrangler, well now it is "Rich and Skinny and Young, Fabulous and Broke".  She came up with a few names that should be used for Jeans....

Holding Up Pretty Good Jeans, Call Me "Ma'am" at Your Own Risk Jeans, Yes, They Make Jeans This Big Jeans, Love that Lycra Jeans, etc.  This chapter was laugh out loud for me.

So friends, you will have to decide yourself on this one but I can only give it 2 1/2 Not My Cup of Tea.  If you are intrigued go to her blog and have a laugh.

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