Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurrican Igor, Bermuda - Loss of Electricity, no blogging - planned reading

See below for What You Reading on Monday post.

Friends I wrote this on Saturday at 2pm and scheduled it to post at 3pm Sunday in case I lost electricity but guess what, it just went, lol, so I am shutting down, will check once a day for 30 minutes if I am able to get online.

Hurricane Igor is approaching Bermuda and it is expected to be a direct hit so we are in major preparation mode and will most likely lose electricity.  I am hoping that will be the worst of it. 

These are all from the Southamton Princess lower restaurants porch

OMG this almost touched us and the storm is not here yet.

Here are a few pictures from the internet of past affects during Hurricanes.

I am the emergency contact for my HR team so when we do have contact again that will be my focus but I will definitely let you know that I am ok.  Your prayers and best wishes for all those in Bermuda are appreciated.

If electricity and Internet are down for a week or so this is what I think I may read, remember I'm a mood reader so you never know:

Using same post for my It's Monday, What are You Reading.  Sheila over at One Persons Journey has an incentive for networking.

I read Still Missing last week, my review

I will have a Discussion/Vent starting on Wednesday, please join in.

I'm currently reading Godmother for book club read over at Tome's Devotee (Paula's blog)


  1. I'll be praying for you and the rest of the residents of my beloved Bermuda!

  2. I hope everyone is safe. My thoughts and prayers.

  3. Thanks friends - not even 20 mins and we have electricity back, hip hip hooray, lol, it won't last but i'm still happy.

  4. I hope you're all right. I know Mexico is getting hit by Hurricane Karl right now.


  5. Oh my gosh, Marce, that's crazy! We had a storm here in St. Louis last night and our TV and Internet was out for a while today, but it's back now. I can't imagine dealing with a hurricane, though. Yikes.

    By the way, I loved Running with Scissors!

  6. Stay safe. My prayers are with you!!

  7. I hope all will be okay!! Stay safe.

    I'd only read Running with Scissors on your list - and I really like his style (disturbing story though!)

  8. Stay safe, Marce. I will be thinking of you, my friend!!!

  9. Be safe Marce! You and Bermuda are in my prayers!

  10. Hang on, does this mean you live in Bermuda???? I didn't know that! I am very jealous (apart from the storm of course - although those pictures look fab; I like storms). Keep safe and I'll be thinking of you - hope it stays out of your way.

    Book-wise, enjoy your reading and hope you love the MHC one - that was the first book of hers that I read and is still one of my faves :)

  11. Wow - stay safe! I will be praying for you. That storm looks freaky!

    Have lots of books with you!

  12. OMG.. please stay safe! Do send us updates when possible, I hope you have some books to read. These hurricanes are so much trouble. :(

    Praying for you!

  13. Glad to hear that you got the electricty back. Hope everything is fine! Stay safe!

  14. Keeping you in my prayers! Just stay safe.


  15. Hope everything is OK - and that Igor doesn't cause a lot of damage. Keep yourself safe! And enjoy your reading when you can get back to it!

  16. That's scary! Take care and good luck! I hope you get heaps of reading done while you're keeping in out of the storm.

  17. how scary - hope it all turned out well! Being from Louisiana, I know what hurricanes can be like!
    At least you've got some good books to keep you occupied.

  18. Hope everyone is safe. We're thinking of you!!

  19. I've never heard of any of those books. Huh. But I'm glad you've got books during the storm!

  20. Yowsers! Glad it passed and you're ok!! Weather is so very wicked and powerful. My mom is N.Y. and they got whacked with 2 tornados and a mini-burst. Luckily where she is it was just very windy but a friends neighborhood suffered a lot of damage.

    Tomes Devotee


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