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Review - Beneath the Silver Lining (Book 1) Secrets of the Black Box

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Amanda hopes to take you with her into her dark past. One which she tried desperately to bury, she buried all of her terrible little family secrets of lies, abuse, sexual abuse and mistrust inside the imaginary black box inside her. It kept her sane and able to live life without the fear, dread and angst of it all. Well, almost, guilt ridden for years and full of a deep sadness she didn’t understand, trusting no-one with her feelings until now. She eventually had to face her past so she could find her future. This book will make you laugh, cry and be angry. Come with her on a journey that is twisted, frightening and strangely erotic. It will keep you reading and wanting more...

My Review - 4 Great to the last Drop
This story is packed with a punch, literally, actually a few punches, the reader feels the written bruises that Amanda had.  Amanda wrote this book as a way to heal, a way to acknowledge the abuse, physically, verbally and mentally.  I was shocked, angry, shed a tear, so emotional at one point I had to stop reading.  This is a brutal read but one you continue because you just have to know the outcome, it just has to get better, right........
If you can think of the worst scenarios a child can face, Amanda faced it, ten fold.  She is alive, that for me is the ultimate amazing thing, how was she strong enough to face her life day in and day out.  How does she not hate the world, incredible.  She was intelligent and found her simple moments to hold on to, her Silver Lining.  That and storing her feelings and secrets in her Black Box, this is what helped her to survive. 
How are parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, neighbours etc able to sleep at night and ignore, it makes me want to scream.  Others that are also victims, fine I know it is a process but those that must know and do nothing, ugggh.  You read this and don't want to believe it but can feel the honest emotion through her words.
This book will motivate you to volunteer anytime you have with abuse centers etc and also if you suspect abuse to be the voice to reach out.
What I have never experienced before in a book is being angry and sad over sexual abuse of a child and then the excitement of that same child having a normal sexual relation and the memory through her story is quite erotic, what a 360 in feelings.  Then after that I still have to remember, omg, she is a minor though.  It totally 'screws' with your mind.
This was a mix between The Glass Castle and Push, just an incredible heartbreaking story.  A must read but at times, torture to read.
This is book one of a Trilogy
1 - Secrets of the Black Box
2 - Shedding Tears
3 - Learning to Fly
The main fault in the book is that it does need editing work.
Amanda Wolffe was scheduled to be visiting Tea Time with Marce tomorrow but due to the majority of bloggers celebrating Thanksgiving I thought I would post 5pm today.  Please take the time to read her inspiring words and journey to writing this book.


  1. Being a former abused woman I appreciate this book a lot. More voices need to be heard to bring awareness to the situation. I know lots of people know of violence but we still have too many turning a blind eye to it.
    Great review Marcia!

  2. This definitely sounds interesting. And since I read and enjoyed The Glass Castle it looks like I should add it to my TBR list. Great review!

  3. Great review. Sounds like something I'd be interested in reading, esp if it's emotional!

    It also sounds like "The Boy called It" - I didn't like the writing much, but the story was shocking, very shocking. I kept repeating to myself that how could any parent do that to their own child (and this coming from someone who doesn't have any children.)

  4. I could tell from all of the misplaced commas in the description that it could have used an editor. I try not to read too many tales like this, although they are absorbing, because it just makes my stomach hurt when I think of how horrible some people can be to children. I have "A Boy Called It" waiting for me for a challenge I need to complete by the 20th, and I think it will be the same heart-tugging-and-breaking type of read. Thanks for the review!


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