Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review - The Grand Delusion by Heath Sommer

My Review - 3 1/2 More Sugar Please (4 on Amazon) 

The Grand Delusion, a misleading of the mind story that takes you on the religious journey of is there a God, do you believe in God and the mental stability of the characters.

Heath Sommer is definitely an author that enjoys messing with your mind and makes you think, at times it felt slightly uncomfortable. 

The characters joined a course - Philosophy: Comparative Religion, well they didn't realise how much this religious course will change there lives forever.  And then combine a murder mystery and you read not knowing what is real and what is in your head or should I say the characters heads.

Half way in the book I was like, 'why all the religion' it was a bit to much for me and that is why it didn't quite get a 4 but the psychological side kept me intrigued.  My favourite character was the detective, Chief Murphy, he was successful because he listened to his instincts and even though the murder was labeled sophisticated, he knew something wasn't right.  You respected him and was cheering for him to be right and to be able to solve the case before it was to late.

You will not be able to read this without judging yourself, friends, family, the characters and maybe even God, it is fascinating in a very obtrusive way.

I still think Heath Sommer is a Brilliant author, he executes well, he knows exactly where he wants to take his readers and I enjoy the way he sets up the chapters into Parts of the stories with the titles.  I personally think he wants us to try and understand the mentally unstable, his writing is truly magnificent in my mind.

The Grand Delusion is a Manufacture Identity Thriller but I consider it to be a stand alone story.

Heath's book The Manufactured Identity is still my favourite of the year and I highly recommend it but as with that one I also have to warn you that if you have strong opinions about religion either you will love or hate his works.

Go here to read a sneak peak chapter.


  1. Fab review. Sounds quite thought provoking.

  2. Interesting. I've not heard of either but it does sound very thought provoking. Not sure yet whether I will read it because I'm not a fan of reading religious stories.


  3. Fine & interesting review.

    I'm a new follower from bookblogs.ning

  4. I love series books that still manage to stand alone well. Based on your review, I'm going to have to check this one out; it seems a bit off-beat, which is definitely my cup of tea (and I didn't write that as a play on words based on your blog name; but I DID think of the play on words after it was already typed out!) :)

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries


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