Friday, December 21, 2012

Blog Hop - What Book were you determined to read this year but didn't?

Welcome to Tea Time with Marce, I am the Host for the end of the year Book Blogger Hop on behalf of Jennifer.  I look forward to networking with you.
Happy Holidays

What book were you determined to read this year and you still didn't pick up? Is it at least on your bookshelf or ereader?

I love Michelle Zink, I read the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy and am captivated with her writing, it is a visual journey while reading.

I had this one in my calendar for the release date, one of my most anticipated reads and I never got to it or brought it, sigh.

The issue, YA is not really my cup of tea, it is more like a bonus when I find one I am intrigued with and then love.  So overall the YA mood never really came to read this one. 

I will change that in the new year though.

How about you, I look forward to reading your answer, thanks for participating.


  1. Thanks for hosting the blog hop this week!

  2. I haven't heard of this book nor the author. I will have to check her out.

    Thanks for hosting this week!

    Vonnie's Reading Corner

  3. I don't know much about The Temptation of Angels but the cover is very pretty!

    Your comment on my blog last week made me smile. It's true that our tastes in books are different, but as book lovers its all good!

  4. Thanks for hosting. Hope you get to your book.

    I actually got to start mine on the plane yesterday. My post will explain the book and WHY I needed to start it. :)

    Stop by if you like to see my post and to see a post for 99 cent giveaways for today only....not my giveaways. Sponsored by Buy Me Read Me.

    Silver's Reviews

  5. Ooh I wish I had participated this week - for me, it's A Fault In Our Stars because of a similar reason to yours - I don't read a lot of contemporary books (and I don't like books I think will make me sad).

  6. I am not familiar with your book, but hope you get it read soon.

    Thanks for hosting this week.

  7. Thanks for hosting the book hop this week. Hope you get to your book next year.

  8. Thanks for hosting the hop this week! I hope you get round to your book next year. The cover is beautiful!

  9. This one looks fascinating. I would ask why I haven't heard about it but I seemed to have strayed from YA this year too. I'm definitely hoping to rectify that next year!


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