Friday, September 23, 2011

Must Reads from Thrill Week


Thanks again to all those that participated in Thrill Week.  I added so many books and go to authors to my list, I am thrilled to pieces.  I have chosen my definite read from your posts, here they are.


Recommended by Book Nerd Club
Recommended by Stacys Books and Carols Notebook - Greg Iles

Recommended The Book Whisperer 
Recommended by Lah @ LazyGirl Reads
Can you recommend one?
Recommended by Cat @ Tell Me a Story
Recommended by Red Headed Book Child
She is a Horror, Stephen King fan, so I decided on a read a thon
I need to continue the Pendergast series

And the author Honourary Mention is.........

Harlan Coben

I haven't read him but definitely will before the year is out, which one is your favourite?

 Thanks again, look forward to next year.  Thrill Week will be an annual event.


  1. I'm glad to see you're going to make it an annual event, even though it added way too many books to my to-read list.

  2. Tell No One is my favorite Coben (so far...)

  3. You have some awesome sounding books there Marce!! I've never read Isles or Coben so I need to dabble ;) That John Saul looks scary, I'll need to check back here for some spooky Oct. reading.

    Glad it was a success!


  4. Great week! Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Marce.
    I also recommend The Bone Collector, the first of the Lincoln Rhyme series. It's the book that made Deaver a favorite of mine.

  5. No way I could pick a favourite from those choices - all good reading. Should keep you happy for a long while!

  6. I have read most of these books, lol! For an Iris Johansen The Ugly Duckling is an old one, but a goodie. After she made a few stand-alones, she made the Eve Duncan series, so you might not want to drop into the midst of it.

    As for Harlan Coben, he can do no wrong, but I loved Tell No One and Just One Look probably the best! Have fun reading it all, Rae

  7. Just saw the Greg Iles 24 hours on that table. Oooh so good and suspenseful--read that soon! Rae

  8. Hmm, Tell No One by Coben is the one that sticks with me because it is the first that I read of him but I really liked Caught. There were so many twists!
    Iris Johansen, I've only read one of her series and I can't remember the title of the book now. It was okay.

  9. Great list! I second Greg Ile's 24 Hours and Relic by Preston/Child. I'm off to look into The Mermaids Singing! That one is new to me and is really catching my eye.

  10. How did I miss thrill week? That is sooo right up my alley! Maybe next time.
    You've got a great list of books here. I've been wanting to read Dexter for a while. I am reading IT now.

  11. I also recommend The Bone Collector, the first of the Lincoln Rhyme series.


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