Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thrill Week Giveaway - Sam Hayes (2 books) International

I have read 2 books by Sam Hayes and she has generously agreed to give (2 copies each of) Tell Tale and Someone Else's Son as Giveaway's during Thrill Week.  Thank you Sam

Go check out Sam Hayes blog - my favourite is when she posts about different countries releasing their covers of her books. 

 Thrill Week Giveaways - Winners chosen on Sept 8th.

1st Winner - both copies
2nd Winner - choice of book
3rd Winner - 2nd choice of book

Summary of Book from

A tense and powerful emotional thriller from Sam Hayes that asks: Do we ever really know our children?

'What would you do if your teenage son was stabbed to death at school?' That's a question chat-show host Carrie Kent can well imagine posing to any one of her studio guests. Her daily morning TV show deals with real life in all it's grubby glory - from underage sex to benefit swindlers, cheating partners to DNA testing. It's a million miles away from her perfect, polished existence. But when she gets a call to say that her beloved son Max has been murdered, Carrie and her ex-husband Brody will have to enter a world of poverty, fear and violence if they want to find out what really happened. And when the shocking truth is finally revealed, will they be able to live with it...?

From Back Cover


A woman stands on a bridge, the river rushing below.. In seconds she will jump, plunging over two hundred feet to the bottom. Who is she? And why is she desperate to take her own life?


Nina Kennedy, a wife and mother, is afraid. A man is following her, toying with her sanity, watching her beloved family. What does he want? And how long will it be before he strikes?


Eight year old Ava is waiting for her daddy. But, like the others in the children's home, she knows her father will never come. The home is a place of whispers and shadows, where no one dare speak the truth. Until now....

Three desperate strangers. One shocking secret. Who will live to tell the chilling tale?

Thanks for reading and commenting.  Leave your email and let me know which book you are most interested in.

It is not to late to participate in the Thrill Ride Questionnaire (Blog Hop) it will be open during the whole Thrill Week, Sept 1 - 8.


  1. Um, WOW! These books sound awesome. While I don't have kids yet, I always think of my younger brother when there are stories about Teens killing each other so it will definitely be an emotional thriller for me!

    Thanks Marce and Sam for the incredible giveaway!

    Lah @ LazyGirl Reads

  2. Tell Tales sounds like an exciting read.
    My favourite type of book to read.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  3. For me, I can't decide which book I love the most.I would love both books. "SOmeone Else's son" must be a very emotional reads while "Tell Tales" rouse my curiousity. Well, people says curiousity kills the cat. Am a cat. Hope to get my hands on these books


  4. These books sound exciting and awesome! I would like either one to read, and thanks for the chance. Rae

  5. oh wow! both books sound so awesome! do I have to pick just one???? I'm not familiar with this author, but will definitely be checking her out ~ she sounds like the perfect author for me! And if I had to choose - probably the 2nd - I work in a group home so it always fascinates me to read about them - the good, the bad and the ugly! Great contest! Thanks!

  6. Thanks Sam for the giveaway! I'd like to win Tell Tale! :)

  7. Great giveaway, I would be most interested in Someone Else's Son

  8. I'd like to go with Tell Tale please!



  9. I think Someone Else's Son sounds fascinating, thanks for the contest!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    bookd.out at gmail dot com


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