Monday, September 26, 2011

Review - The Human Obsession by Heath Sommer

Book Summary from Amazon

A year before retirement, Chief of Police Frank Murphy wants nothing more than to spend his golden years on HGTV marathons and endless tee-off times. What he gets is a string of abductions that makes Ted Bundy look like an amateur. The Human Obsession is the sequel to Heath Sommer's 2009 breakout psychological thriller The Manufactured Identity, where Murphy and hapless lovers Addy and John Joe scramble against inhuman odds and unpredictable twists to solve the riddles of murder, obsession, and human weakness. Focusing on the trial of Cameron Bo, alleged murderer and loony from Sommer's The Grand Delusion, The Human Obsession takes readers even deeper into the minds of Sommers' belovedand twistedcharacters. In the end, no one could have seen why those meant to protect and serve may be in the greatest danger of all.

My Review - 5 Tea Time Perfection

An amazing thought provoking psychological thriller.  Heath did it again, he messed with my head.  The execution of this story was so well crafted, bringing his thrillers all together.  The Manufacture Identity, The Grand Delusion and now The Human Obsession, the perfect package deal.  All can be stand alone's but I recommend you read them all.

There are a few stories going on but they each have their own place.  You are trying to figure out how their puzzle piece fits into the larger picture.  The stories will make you paranoid, educate you, make you question your own beliefs, bring personal judgments to the forefront, all while messing with your mind. We continue to go on the journey with all the characters from the other books while questioning their mental stability. 

The Human Obsession is complex but interesting. Psychology, profiling a killer with mental heath illness and a hot, drama, detailed court room case, you have got to love that.  The case was national news, this was so good, I couldn't get enough.

The Manufactured Identity is still my ultimate favourite but Heath sealed the deal with this one also.  Complex and Brilliant.  You can tell Heath writes for a larger purpose and executes so well.  He takes you exactly where he wants when he wants. 

If religion is a topic that makes you uncomfortable I do not recommend this trilogy.  Now, if you enjoy a great thought provoking thriller, you must go buy his books now.

Dr. Heath Sommer has a PhD in Clinical Psychology which is apparent in his writing.  Such a great way to open your eyes to the mental health illnesses in our world.

$27.50 for all 3, free shipping (US Only)

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  1. Love a good thriller! Thanks. Great review...

    annettesspot (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I have had The Manufactured Identity on my list since you reviewed it and I still haven't gotten around to getting it. Now I want to read this one too! If I don't win, I may have to buy that set!

    justplayinaround_blog at yahoo dot com

  3. I totally loved The Manufactured identity and The Grand Delusion *U*

  4. I must now stop procrastinating and get The Manufactured Identity since you enjoyed it so much :) Didn't know he had more books, so now I have more to look for; I love psychological thrillers that require a bit of effort on the reader's part to figure out and keep track of what is happening. Rae

  5. Great review and the book sounds exactly like what I enjoy reading. I'm not familiar with the author so I'm definitely going to look for the books. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Oops - forgot my email:

  7. This does sound like a nice thriller. Glad you enjoyed all three of these.

  8. I won a copy of the Manufactured Identity from Thrill Week! Would love to win this one too :)

    cytljjb @ gmail com


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