Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Throwing in the towel - IT by Stephen King

I am officially throwing in the towel.....  Sorry Anna and Serena.

Trying this book has sealed the deal on my reading style, which is a positive at the end of this.

My Reasons:
  1. I have realised Stephen King is not for me.  The first book I now know was a very bad 1st choice as intro to Stephen King's works, The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon.
  2. I thought the read a thon would be great to inspire me to read it but I feel pressured.  Honestly I shouldn't need to be inspired, first mistake.
  3. I am a mood reader and dealing with i'm not in the mood to read IT for 5 months is torture to me.
  4. I enjoy reading 1 book at a time and completely losing myself in it, 1000 pages felt excessive and unnecessary. 
Thanks to all that commented on my post - What is your page limit?  Chunkster books.  The discussion helped me to make a decision.  Stephen King has a huge following so one less won't hurt his ego or bank account :-)

It is possible I will continue in my own time and maybe a year from now I will say I completed a 1000 page book......

Here’s the reading schedule if still interested in joining.

Aug. 24 — discussion on part 1 to be held on Savvy Verse & Wit
Sept. 28 — discussion on part 2 to be held on Diary of an Eccentric
Oct. 31 — discussion on part 3 to be held on Savvy Verse & Wit
Nov. 30 — discussion on part 4 to be held on Diary of an Eccentric
Dec. 21 — discussion on part 5 to be held on Savvy Verse & Wit
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