Monday, September 19, 2011

What I am Reading and Vent........

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

Starting with my vent, you can skip and go to the books if you like.

It has been a busy September for me.  Thrill Week started September 1 and BBAW week started September 12.  My vent is........  My computer has been in the shop for over a month, it is killing me to not have a computer.  The part they 'thought' was needed is not the issue, blah, blah, blah.  How can the backlight be such an issue, seriously.  So looks like I may just buy a new computer, seriously I cannot wait much longer, don't they know I have blogging work to do.

My niece has been wonderful in letting me use her computer which is an Apple, trying to figure that out has been torture.  My sweetie has let me use his Ipad which is ok for commenting, posting is not possible.

I have had far to much unproductive work time but I just cannot go without posting especially during blogging events.  Ok, end of vent, sigh of relief. 

My current read

Currently Reading

My favourite book from last year was Manufactured Identity, it is my ultimate favourite psychological thriller.  Well, I am reading the sequel now and it is great.

A N D!!!!!

Squeeeeeeeee, look at my surprise, how did I miss this when I got it, omg, so thrilled to have a glimpse of my review in Heath's book, seriously what an honour.

I completed - my review, great start to RIP Challenge

Currently Reading

I read a little of IT for my readathon and will go back to it again end of week.

Don't let him scare you, his not so bad. :-)

I have no idea what is next, possibly my NetGalley read

I look forward to seeing what everyone is reading, especially the scary reads right now.


  1. WOW! How exciting!!!! That has to be such an awesome feeling! Congratulations!!

    And I hope you get your computer issues worked out soon :)

  2. OOOO look at you with a blurb in a book!!! WTG girl :) Sounds like a goodie too.

    My hubby is the mac addict, he's a graphic artist so that's all he has at work and his laptop at home. I hate when puters go cukoo :p

    Hope all is well


  3. So lovely to get a quote in a book.
    I got a mention in a recent book and was thrilled.

    It is so hard not having a computer whilst it is in the repair shop, we take them for granted a little.


  4. OOhhh it's every reader/blogger's dream to have their blurb in a book! Or at least, I think. Haha. Congratulations! That's so awesome.

  5. First of all, OMG!!! Marce, that is so freaking exciting! Hugs to you - totally deserved (the review mention)!!

    As for the PC, looks like we both have almost the same problem at the same time. My PC was non-working too for two weeks. First they said Part A is faulty, then they said it's not Part A, but B, and then they put all the old parts in and changed Part C and fixed it. Sometimes, these people! I hope you get your computer problem solved soon!

  6. Wow! I can't believe you got a blurb in a book! That's awesome! Congrats! I've had that book on my list since you reviewed it but I still haven't read it. I need to do that!

  7. How exciting!!! I won a copy of Th Manufactured identity from Thrill Week :) I know what you mean about computer problems... finally got a new computer but still not have everything installed...

  8. Thanks for the Manufactured Identity recommendation. It sounds great. How cool to have a blurb in the next book! So awesome.

  9. That's pretty cool & have fun picking out a new computer. :)

  10. OH MY GOODNESS! How incredibly cool! What a thrill to see yourself blurbed in a book you love!! I'd buy a ton of copies to keep!!

    And I hope your computer woes get solved soon. That is frustrating. And I recently made the switch from PC to Mac and it took some adjusting but I'm very very very happy!

  11. That's great, Marce! What a big honor for you --or honour, if you'd like :) It takes away some of the sting of the computer fiasco. Hope everything works out well, and btw, we have the same Netgalley book to read, by JT Ellison, we must have been thinking alike! Rae

  12. My computer was dead for about a month over the summer. We ended up buying a new one, but it was killer having none at home. Thank goodness for free time at work.

  13. Marce, so cool that you are in that book!! Amazing!


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