Friday, September 9, 2011

Review - The Abandoned by Amanda Stevens

Book Summary

There are rules for dealing with ghosts. Too bad Ree Hutchins doesn't know them.

When her favorite patient at a private mental hospital passes away, psychology student Ree Hutchins mourns the elderly woman's death. But more unsettling is her growing suspicion that something unnatural is shadowing her.

Amateur ghost hunter Hayden Priest believes Ree is being haunted. Even Amelia Gray, known in Charleston as The Graveyard Queen, senses a gathering darkness. Driven by a force she doesn't understand, Ree is compelled to uncover an old secret and put abandoned souls to rest—before she is locked away forever....

My Review - 4 Great to the last Drop

The Abandoned wan an ebook exclusive prequel to The Graveyard Queen series.  I was unsure if I would enjoy this kind of story but I am so glad I read it, it completely drew me and I immediately downloaded The Restorer which I am reading and enjoying now. 

The prequel was 4 chapters about 4 characters.  Ree, the main character in The Abandoned, Amelia, the main character in The Restorer so far and another 2 whom play an important part with the presence and history of ghosts, Violet and Ilsa. 

I was enjoying the eerie feeling, completed curious on the on goings of the ghosts and how they wanted to interact with people than bang a murder.  How I loved that, the mystery on why, who, what and how the history plays into everything.

Ree continued to say "I don't believe in ghosts", I think she was trying to convince herself.

The Abandoned makes you want to know more.  More about the dark, the unknown, why a cemetery was abandoned and what is the history of those that were abandoned themselves.

I can't wait to finish The Restorer and tell you more.  The Kingdom comes out Nov 2011.  The perfect start for the RIP Challenge.


  1. I've sent you a couple of emails about the BBAW interview swap. Do I have the right address?

  2. Now I am curious about learning more about this series to see if it is my type. So far, so good! Rae

  3. What a great way to get ready to read the "big" book ... to read an ebook prequel. I have to saym, your IT readalong button is freaking me out!! Get away Pennywise!!!!

  4. Jenners you are to funny, so many don't like clowns.

  5. I'm reading good things about this book, it's on my list, hopefully I'll get to it soon :-)

  6. This sounds like a great book and series!

  7. Just like the Gullah's tell-tale quilts, Stevens expertly pieces together these dark, yet colorful characters, a down-right chilling plot, and the spirited essence of historic Charleston. Then she stitches them up in eerie, edge-of-your-seat fashion.


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