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My Fascination with Serial Killers and Giveaways

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I will be starting off discussions for Thrill Week with Serial Killers.  My friend that loves the same books as me said my blogging friends may be a little scared of me after :-)  Giggling  - Truly I am such an unbelievably girly girl but yes I do like the twisted mind.  An author was discussing her work and said she has a warped fan base, no offence......  So I guess I will embrace being warped, lol.

My Fascination with Serial Killers 

I am fascinated with Serial Killers.  I want to know more about them, their childhood, the thoughts in their head, what makes them tick, what about them are 'normal' and the ones that play with the police or keep treasures from their killings.  I am amazed with the cruel gruesome actions they take over and over and over, insanity for sure.

I would love to be a Profiler, help the police to catch these sick and twisted killers.  I say that but I'm not sure if I could really handle it in real life. Some become fascinated with them and I'll become the next victim, no thank you.

There are so many books in this genre with great Detectives, Profilers, Medical Examiners and of course the serial killers.  I haven't read one that has scared me yet, kept me up for hours reading yes but not scared.  Hmmm, possibly a little paranoid though, lol.

I recently completed Dan Wells trilogy, I am not a Serial Killer, Mr. Monster and I do not want to Kill you and I admitted to loving John, crazy thought right, he was so likable, really he was. 

When books allow the reader to hear what is in the killers head, these are my favourites, it totally grips me and has me on the edge of my seat. 

As much as I love reading about them and have a fascination I truly only want them to stay in books and never want to live near where a possible one could be lurking, now that is a scary thought.

Last year NPR Audience picked there - Top 100 Killer List - I am tracking this one and getting through it slowly but surely, any you feel is a must read?

This book has caught my interest and I have to say actually raises the hairs on my neck and arms, why, because it is real life.

The Last Victim challenges the reader to understand not only the twisted psychology of serial killers who kill for pleasure but why and how a young, seemingly bright and healthy young man such as Jason Moss could create such elaborate schemes to ingratiate himself with them. Moss puts his own safety and well-being on the line time and time again, simply to gain these men's trust, to coerce from them some understanding of what makes them do the things they do. And the book gives readers the opportunity to gain this insight without providing serial killers their home addresses--not a bad deal, overall.

Today's Giveaway's

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And from author Jean Holloway, she has generously given 1e-copy of each of her books - 3 winners.

I featured her books here.......

This is her newest

Three years have passed since the Black Jack case ended and in the fiendishly-evil and sexy as hell, Deuces Wild, the third novel of the Deck of Cardz series, Detective Shevaughn Robinson-William’s career and personal life are at a crossroads as she tries to assist in the capture of a homicidal couple on a murdering spree filled with illegal drugs and illicit perversion.

Meanwhile, Shevaughn’s idyllic marriage is beginning to crumble, a secret revealed has a profound impact on her entire extended family and to top it all off, her daughter seems to be communicating with a supportive spirit who is trying to warn Shevaughn about her marriage and help her solve the case.

Should she comply with her husband’s wishes and save her marriage or will she lose him to her career? Shevaughn tracks a young couple as they go on a tri-state rampage of lethal depravity, proving their commitment is one without morals, conscience or boundaries.

Sometimes, love can be murder...

Please leave your email and which book(s) you are interested in. My lending library can only be to a Kindle US user and Jean Holloway is to any e-reader. (Note - if the winner has read Dan Wells Book 1, I will choose a winner for Book 1 and lend the other 2, if the winner hasn't read any, they will win/get to borrow the whole trilogy.)

Tomorrow's featured host is Christa over at Mental Foodie - A Book and Food Lover

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  1. Serial killers, oh my! I know you like this intense stuff. When I was younger I read some true-crime serial killer books, about Ted Bundy (by Ann Rule), & Helter Skelter (forget author). Nowadays I get spooked more by these stories, but if I win, I would like to try the first Dan Wells ebook. If you like his books, then it's worth a try. Oh, and thanks for the list you linked, I will be checking that out! Rae,

  2. I have a fascination with serial killers as well. The entire mentality and trying to get into their heads to figure out what makes them tick is highly intriguing. I think that is one of the reasons I love true crime as well. The books that you mentioned sound beyond amazing and I am on my way to check them out on Amazon!!!

  3. I am shocked Helter Skelter and American Psycho are not on the NPR list (unless I missed them!). I am probably going to read The Alienist after I finish my current book though, so I was happy to see that high on the list.

  4. The NPR list is great. You can't go wrong with any of the books listed.

    As for a serial killer book, I would recommend Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind

    (Not a giveaway entry. :) )

  5. Serial killers aren't my thing in general, with some exceptions, like Dexter.

  6. Rae - I am working my way through that list.
    The real ones totally scary.

    April - after reading your digital short, you definitely have a 'devilish streak' like me, lol

    Lola - Psycho is on the list, it is the classic, is that the same as American Psycho?

    Jennifer - I am adding Perfume to my Wishlist now, thanks

    Carol - I have had many recommendations for Dexter since reading Dan Wells, I have his first on Kindle ready to read.

  7. I don't think many of us will ever understand what goes on in the minds of serial killers. All the same, it is interesting to read about them. In fiction, it's fascinating to see how they are tracked down and caught.

    I'm outside of the US, so don't put me down for the loaners.

  8. OMG, you are crazy. Just kidding! Truly I am. Everybody has a fascination and yours is truly mmm...yeah... lol. :)

  9. I don't think anyone understands my fascination with dark and twisted minds either!! :-)I'll have to keep my eyes open for The Last Victim - sounds really good.
    I hadn't heard of that top 100 list so will be off to check that out.

    Great post!

  10. I love books with serial killers too! You mentioned profiling and I would recommend Mindhunter by John Douglas. He was one of the FBI's top profilers and he talks about how they caught some of the biggest serial killers. Fascinating.
    Since you said you wanted to try Harlan Coben, I would start with Tell No One. It's on the NPR list. It was the first one I read and have since read everything he's written.
    Maybe I'll try a post on this today :)

  11. I am with you! You should try John Douglas' non fiction books on profiling, soooo interesting!

  12. And I posted it without seeing stacybuckeye's response :)

  13. I definitely love books with serial killers as well. Since I don't have an e-reader, I"m going to see if I can check out the Dan Wells trilogy at the library. I'm really curious!!

  14. Great post, Marce. I share your love of wanting to be a profiler too - what an exciting job.

    I'd love to be entered please (in the UK so the second giveaway.)


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