Monday, September 5, 2011

Thrill Week Giveaways from Kaye Publicity

Thanks to all that are participating during Thrill Week, Featured Blogging Host's, I appreciate your work.

I would like to thank Dana, Virtual Assistant from Kaye Publicity for offering the following books to you, good luck.

Giveaway's - Will choose on Thursday, end of Thrill Week.

DEATH NOTICE by Todd Ritter
RUNNING DARK by Jamie Freveletti
BOCA KNIGHTS by Steven M. Forman

Death Notice

From Publishers Weekly

Unusually interesting people encounter unusually ghastly murders in New Jersey journalist Ritter's engaging debut. Single-mom police chief Kat Campbell of peaceful Perry Hollow, Pa., is shocked to find a local farmer's corpse left by the side of the road in a homemade coffin, his lips sewn together and his veins pumped full of formaldehyde. Meanwhile, Henry Goll, reclusive obituary writer for the Perry Hollow Gazette, is startled to realize that the man's death notice was faxed to him before the murder. Evidently, one of the townsfolk is a clever homicidal maniac who enjoys playing mind games. The murderer keeps nimbly ahead of his pursuers, even after Nick Donnelly, a state cop obsessed with serial killers, arrives on the scene. The action verges on pulp fiction melodrama, until a fiery conclusion that fully lives up--or down--to that standard. Even then, however, Ritter treats his main characters--sympathetic, believably vulnerable people--with respect. 

Running Dark

From Publishers Weekly

Freveletti rummages in the thriller pantry and comes up with an armful of standard ingredients for her unremarkable second novel featuring chemist Emma Caldridge (after Running from the Devil). Shortly after Emma is blown off her feet by a car explosion while running in a South African ultramarathon, a stranger injects her arm with a drug, then disappears. Emma recovers and finishes the 55mile race in record time. To solve this mystery, she turns to her friend Edward Banner, head of Darkview, an American security company. The cast of characters eventually includes a Somali pirate, Khalil Mungabe; his boss, "The Vulture"; Richard Stark, CEO of the shady Price Pharmaceuticals; and Emma's love interest, Cameron Sumner, a private security agent aboard the cruise liner Kaiser Franz. The action heats up once Emma gets on the liner and starts battling Somali pirates, but weak plotting and contrived situations make it hard to suspend disbelief. 

Boca Knights

From Publishers Weekly
Formans debut, an offbeat crime novel, introduces Eddie Perlmutter, a tough Jewish Boston cop, who has had conversations since age 11 with his penis (Hey, check me out. I can stand, I heard one night in bed). In his late 50s, retired from the Boston force and suffering from arthritis, Perlmutter begins a new life in Boca Raton, Fla., where he soon steps on the toes of the local Russian mafia, falls for a nurse who happens to resemble actress Halle Berry and looks into the murder of golfer Robert Goldenblatt. Found in his garage with a four-iron embedded in his forehead, Goldenblatt was apparently the victim of a dispute over country-club politics. While the books overall silliness and lack of credible characters, not to mention the absurd solution to Goldenblatts demise, will put off some readers, those with a cockeyed sense of humor will find much to like in this parody of a cop caper.

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  1. Great giveaway. My first choice would be Boca Knights.

    I'm a GFC follower as carol.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  2. Subscribed via RSS/Google reader.

    cytljjb @ gmail com

    first preference is Death Notice!

  3. Death Notice is my choice, thanks.


  4. All new to me. Boca knights sounds good

    GFC follower


  5. I follow!

    Great giveaway!! Count me in:)


  6. I couldn't participated but Thrill Week was an awesome initiative, according to the newspaper it was the nicest event this year.

  7. I like the book "Death Notice" because I like stories where I can get murders, because i like the feeling of mysterious and how the ending will be because most of time no one knows who the murderer is.


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