Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Power of Books during Thrill Week

Welcome to Tea Time with Marce

I am the Host for Thrill Week II.  We will be starting off with a Thrill Week Questionnaire on Sept 1.  I will post the questionnaire next week in order for everyone to plan and schedule posts. During the week there will be lots of networking, giveaways, interviews and of course fun.  The bonus will be finding another blogger or two to follow and many books to add to your already huge Wishlist.

What is Thrill Week

It is all about Networking with Bloggers and Authors who love to read and write Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense and/or Horrors. The goal is to find new blogs and bloggers with similar interest in those genres and of course add to our huge TBR and Wishlists.

We will highlight authors that write in these genres or new authors with amazing debuts.

There will be a 'Thrill Ride/Blog Hop' to start off the event, I would like to request only those that review minimum of twice a month in the above genres to participate.

A glimpse of some of the authors coming to Tea Time with Marce to celebrate Thrill Week II

Dan Wells
(Trilogy of I am Not a Serial Killer and Partials)

Amanda Stevens
(Series of  The Graveyard Series)

James Houston Turner
(Department Thirteen - my favourite character of the year Talanov)

Promotional Giveaway - If you post the Thrill Week button on your blog linking here in a post or on your sidebar, I will enter you into a $20 Giveaway, book of your choice from Book Depository.

Enter your link here by Aug 30 and I will use at midnight to choose (one) winner .
Thank you for your interest and helping spread the word. 


  1. On my side bar :) Thanks for the reminder too! I am going to Bouchercon and I think this will kick off my Boucher reads month!

  2. I look forward to it, thanks for commenting and linking up everyone.

  3. I'll be talking about this in a post on Saturday :)

  4. Even though I prob won't be actively participating this year (:sad face:) I can't wait to read what everyone else posts!! :)

    1. Great! I'm extremely happy to visit this very special post of full of entertainment!! I love to spend weekend or any kind of holidays with some selected books more than going for out so the list providing more adventurous to me. Thanks!
      power 8


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