Monday, November 23, 2009

All this Spam Email - Ugggggggggh

OMG I have only entered 2 giveaway's - i'm international and I have spam, what the hell. So far thank goodness they do go in my junk box but every now and again something goes in my junk that is not so I still have to check it, I have to check daily though. uggggh how frustrating.

I need to know does putting consultmarceAThotmailDOTcom really work??

The spam is not worth the small possiblity of winning, or is it :-)

Thank goodness it is just my hotmail account but I have had it for years and don't want to start a new one.

Any suggestions please give them...


  1. I have always used the (at) and (dot) and haven't had any trouble with SPAM. :)

  2. Really, uggh guess I will have to use that then because I hate spam it is such a waste of my time.

    Thanks Missy

  3. I've gotten use to it with email. Each morning I get up, I go through the mass delete. ;)

  4. How do you have time for spam with all the blogging work you do omg, now that would totally piss me off.

  5. I have used different ways but I still get spam, and lately my blog has been spammed a lot too. Just my luck


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