Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wishful Wednesday

Wishful Wednesday's with The Bluestocking Guide

'What books have you been wishing for lately?'

Thaw by Fiona Robyn Publish Date Feb 1, 2010
Ruth is thirty two years old and doesn't know if she wants to be three. Her meticulously-ordered lonely life as a microbiologist is starved of pleasure and devoid of meaning. She decides to give herself three months to decide whether or not to end her life, and we read her daily diary as she struggles to make sense of her past and grapples with the pain of the present. "Thaw" explores what makes any of our lives worth living. Can Red, the eccentric Russian artist Ruth commissions to paint her portrait, find a way to warm her frozen heart?
So whats on your wish list, let's visit around, have fun and add more books to our TBR list.
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  1. Oh I remember seeing this and I wanted to read it too! Thank you for reminding me :)

    I answered your question on my blog but just in case you don't check back, I'll tell you here.

    Matilda Jane Clothes are available to see online at But in order to purchase it, you have to contact a trunk keeper to see the clothes at a trunk show (or you can order from her via the phone/email). OR you can check ebay.

    Yearly though - Denise (the designer/owner) opens the cart online and has a HUGE sale. Everything is usually more than half off. 40$ dresses are usually $17-20, etc.

    Hope that helps! :)

  2. This sounds very intense. I love your blog, found you through book blogs on ning. Parajunkee

  3. I've heard this is very good ; )

    Lovely to hear you'd like to sign up for the Blogsplash, Marce - would you mind sending me a quick email to so I can add you to my list?



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