Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Tea Time with Marce - Dealing with Stress

I have decided on Friday's, the official start to the weekend, I will share something about me personally, sometimes small, sometimes a touch of TMI and sometimes an OMG funny moment, we will see.

How do you deal with stress? Read, Shop, Sleep, Spa, Music.......

Take the blogthings quiz and share with me and your friends.

Here is my result.....

You Should Play Some Music
Part of what's stressing you out is that you can't
stop thinking about your problems. Whenever you try to relax, you can't stop
your mind from racing.The best thing you can do is crowd out your thoughts. And
there's no easier way to do this than by cranking some music.Dancing is optional
but highly recommended. Give yourself a break from your stress and really let
loose.Or put on some of your old favorite music (happy music only though!). Sit
back and remember what it was like not to be so overwhelmed.

This is my favourite song right now and what a great one to change the mood into something positive. I've got a feeling........ by Black Eyed Peas

This was a good reminder for me because when I am stressed out reading is futile, I won't remember much. I love music and it can put me in a good mood so I will have to try it at specific times. Shopping is always fun too, got to love internet shopping.

What have you stressed about this week?

Work is always stressful for me, 1 to many staff to get back to with solutions. I'm an Employee Relations Manager. Also, I had a "I need supernanny" experience with my 2 year old" :-0 Oh the journey with a child can be stressful but thank goodness there are many joys.

Have a wonderful weekend friends and thanks for stopping by.

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